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    Designed to cover the chrome keyhole trim and add personalized style to your Jeep. Caps snap on and off, no adhesive or special tools required. Colors can be prone to fading from UV rays as quickly as six months depending on location.

    This is for two door caps, for directional caps, you will receive a left and right.

    Caps will ship within 5 business days
Size: Tailgate Key Lock Cap JK | Single Star | MBJJ Price
  • Tailgate Key Lock Cap JK | Single Star | MBJJ Price
  • Tailgate Key Lock Cap JL | U.S. Flag | MBJJ Price
  • Model S+ | Black | Smooth
  • Model M | Smooth | Four Button | Digital Camo | Button All White
  • JL Wrangler/ JT Gladiator Hood Hinge Covers | Topography | Closed Holes
  • 2007 - 2018 Wrangler Hood Hinge Covers | Topography | Closed Holes
  • Model M+ | Four Button | Leather | Subdued U.S. Flag | White & Red
  • Model M+ | Four Red Button | Dimple | Grunge U.S. Flag

Simple Install

The Threedom keyhole caps install by snapping them in place. A simple fingernail ring is designed into the perimeter for removal

  • No Double Sided Tape
  • Simple To Install
  • Fingernail Ring For Easy Removal
  • Durable Engineered Plastic
  • Keeps Out the Dust and Dirt

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All of our products are designed and manufactured in Minnesota by DI Labs.



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