The Story Behind Threedom

Threedom was established by three siblings - Carl, Brian, and Sean Douglass, who grew up working together in a family business. Their shared experience motivated them to establish a company in 2013 called DI Labs, which is a product development engineering firm. In 2021, Carl purchased a Jeep Gladiator and was dissatisfied with its size, which prompted the DI Labs team to investigate the issue. They were able to reduce the size of the factory fob by 30%, and they shared their solution online. As a result, the brothers recognized a need for more individualized automotive accessories, which led to the creation of Threedom. The three brothers aimed to provide individuals with the freedom to personalize their vehicles. Today, you can encounter the brothers at automotive events across the country.

Threedom Is Powered By:

DI Labs

DI Labs is an additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing service bureau built by product development and manufacturing engineers. DI Labs aims to solve problems and create new opportunities for customers by leveraging our diverse and powerful fleet of cutting-edge additive technologies. We offer a full range of solutions from prototypes to full-scale production.

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Solutionology Podcast

DI Labs Co-Founders Brian and Carl Douglass created a podcast dedicated to educating and advocating for additive manufacturing. Brian and Carl will share a wide range of product development and manufacturing problems allowing a behind-the-scenes understanding of challenges and opportunities. Stream Solutionology podcast on all major platforms today!

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