How Threedom Started


"After purchasing a 2020 Jeep Gladiator, I was frustrated by the oversized, factory-issued key fob and soon found out that others were, too. So our DI Labs product development team redesigned it to be slim, sleek and fully customizable. Through Threedom, we're making customizable fobs available to all Jeep owners and will be expanding into other product lines very soon!"

Carl Douglass

DI Labs/ Co-Founder


Offering freedom in 3D printing

Welcome to Threedomâ„¢, a whole new way to shop for unique, customized products. By leveraging the quality and flexibility of industrial grade 3D printing technology, we give you the freedom to choose the color, design and texture of the products you purchase here.

A passion for innovation

The founder of Threedomâ„¢, DI Labs, is passionate about innovation and the power of additive manufacturing. We've leveraged our product development expertise and full suite of industrial grade 3D printing technologies to unlock the power of mass customization and bring it directly to consumers. It started with Jeep key fobs but has the potential to take us just about anywhere!  

Powered by DI Labs

Threedomâ„¢ is powered by one of the country's most innovative commercial 3D printing and product innovation labs. Offering these unique products allows the DI Labs team to be creative, have some fun and experience direct market feedback as we hone our skills at mass customization for our additive manufacturing customers.  

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