The Jeep Fob Story

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It started with a problem

"After purchasing a 2020 Jeep Gladiator, I was frustrated by the oversized, factory-issued key fob and soon found out that others were, too. So our DI Labs product development team redesigned it to be slim, sleek and fully customizable. Through Threedom, we're making customizable fobs available to all Jeep owners and will be expanding into other product lines very soon!"

 - Carl Douglass, DI Labs Co-Founder

STEP ONE: Choose your model

We currently offer four designs called the Model M, Model M+, Model S, and the Model S+. They have a slightly different look and are 20-35% smaller than the factory key fobs provided by Jeep. We'll be adding even more design options in the future!

STEP TWO: Choose your buttons

We offer a four-button, three-button and no-button option in each of our Model M and Model M+ designs. Our S and S+ models use your original factory button pad within the Threedom fob housing. Choose the one that's right for you!

STEP THREE: Choose your color or pattern

Adding a color or pattern is a great way to personalize your key fob! Choose from over a dozen options with more being added all the time.

STEP FOUR: Choose your texture

Choose the tactile feel of your fob by adding a texture. This popular detail provides the finishing touch to your fully customized key fob.

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All of our products are designed and manufactured in Minnesota by DI Labs.

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